Amysushi was born in 2015 from its owner and founder, Feiwu Wen, with twenty years of experience in the catering sector. From the beginning, the company’s structure was created to internally implement each phase of the restaurant development. Particular attention is paid to the design of our restaurants where the interiors reflect a style in line with the latest trends.

Amysushi directly supervises the selection of its supply chains, from the best producers in the world to the table service, to offer and guarantee total quality to our customers in each of our restaurants. Our goal as a company, is a steady growth towards a truly innovative restaurant model, with modern and centralized management at the service of a high-level Asian cuisine at a fair price.


Our menu undergoes the same continuous improvement steps. Recipes are updated by a research department once a year before being studied and tested in various stages by a team of expert sushi chefs from oriental culinary tradition. They train the kitchen and dining staff of each Amysushi restaurant on the new methods of preparation and mise en place.

Not even a single sauce is left to chance.

This is the reason why Amysushi is proud of not retouching the photos of its dishes. The sceptics can come and give a try at the nearest restaurant.